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Square Dining Table

Kopitiam Table Top Solid Wood

Kopitiam Table With Marble Top

Dining Table ~ 6 Seater

RM 950.00Add to CartRM 1,810.00Add to CartRM 2,870.00Add to CartRM 1,880.00Add to Cart

Kopitiam Dining Chair

Kopitiam Dining Chair (Dark Walnut Color)

Kanaya Dining Chair

Kanaya Dining Chair (Dark)

RM 290.00Add to CartRM 290.00Add to CartRM 365.00Add to CartRM 365.00Add to Cart

Round Stool

Wooden Bench 1 Tier Shoe Rack

Wooden Bench 2 Tier Shoe Rack

1 Seater Crab Stool

RM 220.00Add to CartRM 680.00Add to CartRM 730.00Add to CartRM 260.00Add to Cart

Bed Queen Size (Dark Walnut Color)

Bed King Size (Dark Walnut Color)

Super Single Bed

Panel Bed Queen Size

RM 2,100.00Add to CartRM 2,230.00Add to CartRM 1,875.00Add to CartRM 2,150.00Add to Cart

Open Bookcase

2 Drawers Bookcase

2 Drawers Gambangan Open Bookcase

2 Drawers Gambangan Bookcase Woodback

RM 1,430.00Add to CartRM 1,525.00Add to CartRM 1,460.00Add to CartRM 1,570.00Add to Cart

Chest of 5 Drawers

Chest of 6 Drawers

Chest of 7 Drawers

6 Drawers Chest

RM 1,460.00Add to CartRM 1,400.00Add to CartRM 1,950.00Add to CartRM 1,810.00Add to Cart

Java Daybed (With Seat Cushion and 2 Signal Bolsters)

Daybed (With Seat Cushion)

Daybed (With Seat Cushion and 2 Single Bolsters)

Daybed (With Cushion)

RM 2,500.00Add to CartRM 2,200.00Add to CartRM 2,200.00Add to CartRM 3,400.00Add to Cart

Window Mirror

Mirror Frame

RM 360.00Add to CartRM 170.00Add to Cart  

Twisted Towel Rack (Walnut)

Halfmoon Towel Rack

Halfmoon Towel Rack (Dark Walnut Colour)

Coat Hanger

RM 135.00Add to CartRM 150.00Add to CartRM 150.00Add to CartRM 300.00Add to Cart

Serving Tray (Rectangle)

Serving Tray with Handle

Rack 1

Chopping Board (Single Piece of Wood)

RM 140.00Add to CartRM 150.00Add to CartRM 630.00Add to CartRM 210.00Add to Cart

Pet Bed with Cushion

Pet Bed with Cushion 2

RM 680.00Add to CartRM 680.00Add to Cart  

Open Shoerack W/Woodback

Shoe Rack

1 Drawer + 2 Doors Shoe Rack

2 Drawers + 2 Doors Krepyak Shoe Rack

RM 910.00Add to CartRM 1,350.00Add to CartRM 1,220.00Add to CartRM 1,550.00Add to Cart

C Shape Side Table

Z Shape Side Table

1 Drawer Bedside Table

2 Drawers Bedside Table

RM 410.00Add to CartRM 410.00Add to CartRM 600.00Add to CartRM 680.00Add to Cart

Curve Sofa Set

Panelle Sofa Set

Square Sofa Set with Magazine Storage

Phiton Sofa Set

RM 3,900.00Add to CartRM 3,300.00Add to CartRM 4,700.00Add to CartRM 4,900.00Add to Cart

Cap Pohon Teak Oil Wood Care

RM 60.00Add to Cart   

3 Drawers TV Cabinet

2 Drawers TV Cabinet

2 Doors TV Cabinet

3 Drawers+3 Shelves TV Cabinet

RM 1,760.00Add to CartRM 2,180.00Add to CartRM 2,550.00Add to CartRM 2,450.00Add to Cart


2 Doors Cupboard W/Drawers inside

2 Doors+2 Drawers Cupboard

2 Doors + 4 Drawers Joint Cupboard

RM 2,850.00Add to CartRM 2,920.00Add to CartRM 2,880.00Add to CartRM 3,300.00Add to Cart

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